Cadenza: Music, Betrayal, and Death HD - A Hidden Object Detective Adventure App Reviews

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Can't play it

I am almost certain I paid for it when it was on sale, but when I tried to start playing tonight, I was informed I hadn't. Like an idiot, I repurchased it. The next hurdle was that I couldn't even enter a player name. Then, I couldn't pick up the collectibles. Notes, yes, but nothing else. Needless to say, I have deleted it. Yes, my iPad is up to date, and I have reinstalled it to no avail. Does no one test these games?

Cadenza betrayal, death

My favorite, It was so refreshing to see an interactive app such as this it held me mesmerized. The jazz was also so cool. I can't wait for the next release of Cadenza series.

Miserable buggy game

Impossible to play on an ipad because the hit areas are small and the object to be dragged won't line up to permit the solution. I had to reload three times just to get it to run at all, have to skip puzzles because the objects are out of alignment. Completely defective programming for play on an ipad. Very disappointing.

Great game!

Enjoyed this very much. Had new interesting type of hidden objects. Looking forward the the next one in series.

Cadenza: Death and Betrayal...why no record of purchase?

Loved the first time I played, when I purchased this game. Good storyline, graphics and games I also enjoy the extra challenge to find something extra in scene. BUT...after reloading to play again, I'm told there is no record of purchase. What gives, guys? This isn't the first time this has happened. And then there are the purchased games that are "no longer offered by Big Fish." I've spent hundreds over the years and then Big Fish responded to my query about those no longer offered, the answer was, "sorry, don't offer..." How about even a partial credit or refund? While I'm b:()$&ing, love the sales but don't love that lately, I have to purchase to even try the game.


Great overall

Seriously great

I've purchased dozens of HOGs over the years. This is definitely in my top 3. It's gorgeous, long playing, and the soundtrack didn't make me want to shove an ice pick in my ears. And it's racially diverse. It may be the first time I've ever seen a person of color in one of these. Kudos! I did find the puzzles to be too simple. Even with that, it was money well spent.

Unusual Game

Not your average Hidden Object game - several steps involved. Music changes is very diverse and really good!!! Great graphics! Awesome game!

Bait & Switch

Yesterday (17th) I received an email from Big Fish advertising this game (Cadenza) at 55% off. I downloaded the game that night and paid for it this morning (18th) only to my surprise the price was $6.99 which I paid. A few hours later I saw that the price was $2.99. What is up with this bait and switch pricing. Not appreciated!

Really great game overall!

This was a fun game with a good story line, great music and a nice variety of mini games. I would recommend this for a long play, decent length bonus round, good map and hints. There was a good story that made sense and was fun to listen to and play. I don't write many reviews but when it's really good enough to, I do. This is a winner! Looking forward to a sequel.


This has it all! Can't wait till the next game in what I hope will be a long series. The music was great-actually kept it on- and it's stayed in my head. 😎 LOL Stanley Roper!?! 😜 Lots of creative extras after the game!

Cadenza: Music, Betrayal

Blue Sky!!!!! This is a very entertaining and SUPERB game. The graphics, story, gameplay and music are all superb. Many interesting and different games. Liked the lady with the southern drawl. Game played out almost as a movie, with music to fit the game. A long game. Excellent!!

Best game ever

Love the New Orleans background, the puzzles the different story. Mad head is now my favorite developer. More games please.


I could barely put this down. Great story and diverse play plus awesome music! Can't wait for the next one..


Wonderful game!


This game seems to have a format all its own. And it's not one I care for. The puzzles are peculiar and not very interesting. There is no logic to your moves. The hint is helpful but odd. All in all, I pass. I tried it again, with the same result. I don't like it. Match items hidden behind things? Match corners on pieces of a poster, but they don't move. It takes too long to figure out the directions because the directions are a puzzle, too. Or, are they just poorly written? I'll pass. Find the notes? They're hidden, too. Boring.

Great Game!

We have played a lot of these games. This had a good plot, good art, good animation and a great music score. We are excited about the sequel.

GREAT HOPs - unique!

I'm not too far in the game yet but am so blown away by the unique HOPs I had to write a review. Definitely worth it for that, and the authentic music was a bonus!


This is a great game, set in New Orleans and a murder mystery revolving around the New Orleans jazz scene. Long game play and different, original HO scenes/mini games (my fav was searching an old sailor's back tattoos for a safe code). Music notes are collected in every scene and many are quite challenging to find. The story focuses on the rise and fall of a former New Orleans jazz band but some of the other characters you will encounter during the game include a voodoo shop owner, a noir gumshoe detective, a crusty old sailor and a gruff taxi driver. Enjoy!


Interesting game with VERY unique puzzles. Some of the best I've seen. One downfall is during some puzzles I can tap and tap and tap and the item won't MOVE. Very frustrating, but overall a good storyline, nice Jazz in the background and super puzzles that are good enough to keep my focus.

One of the best Big Fish games

Plot is a bit complex, but everything works the way it should and there are lots of interesting effects.

Took My Money But Won't Unlock!

Paid for the full game unlock. Charged to my account, but game will not unlock. Just keeps saying "upgrade could not complete". What a joke!


I loved loved loved this game it's best 1 I played in long time & I play lots of games. Great work loved the hos games & how different they were omg can go on & on the best thanks 4 all the fun. Can't WAIT 4 next 1 please keep them coming.

Wonderful, different

Best, most imaginative game I've played in quite a while. Was yawning with the same old offerings, same formulas til Cadenza. Lots of varied HOS & games keep you interested and on your toes, all the bells & whistles and collectibles. Engrossing, coherent story line, beautiful graphics-loved this game! Only odd moment-frantically trying to settle down objects in the zeppelin cockpit(?) Highly recommend this one-you won't be sorry! Bravo!!!


Games and customer service are worthless.

GREAT game!

One of the best HOGs I've played in a long time. Storyline, graphics, voiceovers were all top notch, and it has the best music I've ever heard in a game. Plus a story revolving around African American characters - it's about time! And the mini-games were terrific. I'll be keeping an eye out for Mad Head games from here on out!

Best game ever

This is by far the best game put out by big fish. It is also the most original game. I can't wait for the second installment. This is the only game I have bought before trying and didn't regret it. Love the premise, the graphics and the music.

Cadenza: Music, Betrayal & Death by LynxMinx

Fabulous game. Gorgeous graphics depicting the New Orleans of the 40's, exciting cut scenes, instantaneous load between scenes. It was a very long game with a bonus chapter. There was a journal and you kept getting updated and clearly stated objectivesYou got a teleport map and labeled inventory. The HO scenes were very unusual, including pairs, putting objects back in place, silhouettes, and many other types. They were not boring at all! You had plus items to work with, and I like those because they are so interactive and different. The puzzles and mini-games were incredibly varied, and very unusual. You really had to wrack your brain, which some of the reviewers actually complained about. Then don't play, you morons! These games are supposed to make you use your heads! The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was that I had a bit of trouble following the story at times, and some of the games were so hard to manipulate that I had to skip them. But all in all, BigFish, a fabulous game! Keep them coming. You have been doing great as of late! Dream Team, this was a must play game! Oh yeah, NO RATS either! Love to Snooper, Moonbeam, Nambr, Dracyy, Bunkie, Hossie, Blueflier, and lil' Jo! Hope you all are doing great!


It's the best and great graphics.

Great Fun! New HOG Formats!

I really enjoyed this game. Loved the setting and story. I think this is the first racially diverse HOG I've ever played also. Glad Mad Head brought us into the 21st century! Also loved the completely new approach to HOGs. In some you are both finding and matching items in the same mini game. Loved the new map challenge in the detective's office. I also loved going through the extras section after the bonus game and finding additional games (jigsaw puzzle to put the instrument repair shop back together and the cutscenes that accompanied it upon completion.)The game shows a lot of original thought and creativity. Great job!

A great game!

I really, really enjoyed this game! Loved the music too! Hubby would often find me bopping my head along to the music, or even humming with it. LOOOOONG playing game which is fantastic. It's rare to find games so worth the money spent - long playing, interesting story line, and not wanting to put it down. Good job! The extra play was neat too.

Fantastic and refreshing change from the usual

Great game that offers a refreshing change from the more typical HO Adventures. Film noir sensibility with that deliciously unique New Orleans flavor. It's even got the gris gris. Soundtrack is all jazz. Smooth controls. Bonus points for cultural diversity. Nicely done!


This is a fun and addictive game!! Can't wait for the sequel!!!


Yay!! No fairies, fantasy, kings or queens. No golems or furry friends. This game is a pleasure to listen and play. Kudos to the creators.


Love it so much I think there's doing another one that's kiss of death

Best Game Ever! Bring on the Sequel!

Love the music.....New Orleans Jazz Scene.... So much better than the constant dragon fantasy related hidden objects!......Bring on more HO in a similar setting that takes place in other states not fantasy land.......Beautiful graphics......Purchased right away and did not regret it!

Best Big Fish!!!!

By far, this is one of the best HOG I've played. I've been playing these categories of games for over 10 yrs and have never rated a game with 5 stars. Bring on part 2!!! Please and hurry


Love this game. The graphics were good. The story was interesting. Long playing. Great min games. Wonderful bonus chapter. Love The bright colors for a change . Got a little glitzy in the tapping towards the end but I could still finish the game. Definitely worth the money.

You cant describe in words

This game is so out of this world. It's impossible to find words to describe my feelings when I played this game. I've been playing hidden objects game 2 years now. And I've played some good ones. But you are in a class all bye your self. I will be looking out for your brand. Thank you

A Game of High Creative Work

One complaint: responsiveness is a weakness.

Two Thumbs Up!

I loved this game! Lasted a long time, great graphics, and I absolutely loved the new way they do the mini puzzles. Nice change from the repetitive, tedious older hidden object games. I would give it five stars, but at the begging the two doors that you have to knock on did not work and I had to restart the whole game. Many other glitches and bugs that still need fixed. Please keep these kinds of games coming big fish!

Incredible Game!!!

Wow. Kudos to the developers. So refreshing to have a contemporary story line. Music fantastic. Loved everything about this nice long game. Can not wait for a sequel. Look forward to more quality games as this one. Thanks BF.

Fabulous game, but FULL of brutal glitches!

I love this game, but am frustrated enough by the glitches that I'm deleting it after paying for it. I finished the game once, but couldn't access the bonus content. I read up on that glitch, so started playing the game from the beginning again so that I could try the work around. Got about half way through again before encountering another heinous bug that's a deal breaker. Where are the testers?

Good game

Really good game. Unfortunately it was the glitchiest game I've played.

Love it

Great game

Best game ever

I never wanted it to end !


Did not care for this one at all. The story is all over the place and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't much care for the puzzles either. I can't believe I actually bought this one.

A jazzy blast!

This was one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while. I LOVE the music! The characters were so interesting and well-developed. The voices were diverse and having the different ethnicities and cultures in the storyline was excellent! The puzzles were all fun and challenging and looking for the notes, morphing objects was great with the bonus of being able to find the ones I missed in the extras which is something all games should include. The bonus activities kept the continuity of the storyline and capped off the perfect game. Not to mention it was wonderfully long and I never wanted to hurry it along. Bravo!

Love the theme song

Really enjoyed the game. Liked the post game ply as well.

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